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18-19 May 2012, Dortmund, Germany

October 26th, 2011  

 Newsletter-1 October 2011


Hello out there,

This is the first of a series of newsletters designed with the main purpose to keep you updated of the preparation of the next symposium which will be held in Dortmund 18-19 May 2012. In this journey you will come to know the team committed to the VKII-FoSTDIC 2012. In addition experts and stakeholders will be interviewed. Beyond that, my team and I would like to draw your attention on some interesting facts around science, technology and knowledge transfer. You will be able to find videos, read articles, post comments in our online channels.


Held once a year the FoSTDIC which refers to “Forum Scientifique et Technologique de la Diaspora Camerounaise” is the international scientific symposium organized by the Cameroonian Association of Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany. The eighth symposium will particularly focus on ICT (information and communication technology), on knowledge and Technology transfer. Without any doubt, ICT exerts an impact on most aspects of our lives - in economic activities, education, entertainment, communication. The effective use of ICT in the context of knowledge and technology transfer is linked with the economic development and the social progress. Certainly the transfer of knowledge between the US and India played a significant role in the development of India. This model is a success story that can serve as reference and can similarly be applied in the cooperative relation between Germany and sub-Saharan countries.


Best regards

Dr. Erick Gankam Tambo


The Event


The Scientific and Technologic Forum of the Cameroonian Diaspora, in French Forum Scientifique et Technologique de la Diaspora Camerounaise (FoSTDiC) is the annual international scientific symposium organized by the Cameroon Association of Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany (VKII e. V.). The VKII-FoSTDIC is the meeting point par Excellence of the Cameroonian Diaspora to discuss about actual topics, share knowledge and innovation, network with experts, learn from best practices, hear about success stories and innovative case studies etc. in several fields of engineering and computer science.

The eighth symposium in Dortmund deals with the topic of “North-South - Knowledge and Technologies Transfer with an emphasis on Germany and Cameroon in the age of information and communication technology”. The potential and role of the scientific Diaspora in this process will be addressed particularly.

Expected Audience

About 200 key stakeholders in the field of ICT (Institutions | National and international companies | SMEs | Academia | Research institutes | Etc.) coming from all over Europe, North America and Africa. They are among others: Program and Project managers; heads of research labs; ICT experts and engineers; deans, directors, lecturers and researchers from universities and the higher education sector; researchers; Policymakers; senior representatives from governments; Representatives from international development cooperation agencies; representatives of diaspora associations; stakeholders from the economic industry; etc.

Why should I Attend?

The conference will initiate a research and practice agenda where ICT will aid the academia, public and private organizations and non-governmental organizations to improve the scientific and technological cooperation between Germany and Africa. VKII-FoSTDIC will give the opportunity to:

  • discuss problems, share knowledge, obtain feedback and learn more about opportunities
  • expand your knowledge in the field
  • meet with worldwide experts and to discuss best practices
  • discuss and follow what is important in the German-African cooperation in science and technology
  • hear about success stories and case studies presenting innovative approaches and strategies
  • encounter and benefit from the opinions and experiences of acknowledged industry and education leaders as well as high level policy makers
  • discuss critical success factors and innovative practices with your peers
  • keep up with all the major issues, latest developments and trends
  • learn about the institutional framework for the collaboration in science and technology with Cameroon and Germany
  • find out financing possibilities for cooperation projects in science and technology between Germany and Africa

Thematic Priorities

The following topics will be addressed by the symposium:

  • Appropriated technologies and local innovations in sub-Saharan Africa (Open Sources, Mobile Apps etc.)
  • eHealth, health information systems and telemedicine
  • ICT and transnational education (eLearning, virtual universities etc.)
  • eLibraries and open educational resources and repositories
  • Co-working places, mobile and living labs in Africa
  • Financing cooperative research and innovation between Germany and Africa
  • International cooperation and sustainable development
  • Telework, outsourcing of IT Processes to Africa
  • Diaspora, knowledge and technologies transfer
  • eInfrastructure, eAgriculture, ePartizipation, eGoverment, social/professional, virtual network

Event Profile

The symposium lasts two days (from Friday to Saturday) and consists of: Plenary session; Thematic Session; Discussion and debates; Networking events (cocktails and dinners); Poster presentations; Best Practice showcase; Demonstration session The event is crowned by an award ceremony to honour the best Cameroonian graduates and practitioners in the industry or in the field of research.


Important Dates

  • Call for participation - Online Submission of Paper: 01 November 2011 – 29 Februar 2012
  • Provisional Acceptance: 01 March 2012
  • Submission of final paper: 15 March 2012
  • Online registration: 1 January 2011 – 29 April 2012
  • Presenter registration: 15 March 2012
  • Symposium: 18-19 May 2012

In the upcoming issue:

  • FoSTDiC 2012 “Call for participation”
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