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VKII-FoSTDiC 18-19 Mai 2012

Call for participation now open !

November 25th, 2011  

 Newsletter-2 November 2011


The call for participation for the annual Scientific and Technologic Forum of the Cameroonian diaspora (FoSTDIC) taking place in Dortmund (Germany) from May 18th to 19 is now open. The FoSTDiC is an international symposium organized by the Cameroonian Association of Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany (VKII e. V.) where theory, practices, applications of Information and Communication Technology and related topics are presented and discussed. Prospective authors are invited to submit an oral or poster presentation as well as for a demonstration. The focus of 2012 will be on topics of "North-South Knowledge and Technologies Transfer with an emphasis on Germany and Cameroon in the age of information and communication technology". The potential and role of the scientific diaspora in this process will be particularly addressed. For more information on the specific themes and call for papers details, such as submission requirements, deadlines and session formats, as well as the proposal forms, please go to call for participation.

Elvis MakonDr. Robert Makon

Head of the FoSTDIC 2012 Program commitee

Dr. Robert Elvis Makon, Head of the FoSTDiC 2012 Program committee explains in an interview why people should attend the forum

Dr. Robert Makon, you are leading the team that is responsible for the program of the 8th Symposium the FoSTDiC 2012, which will be held on 18th/19th May in Dortmund, Germany. Could you introduce yourself and present the other members of your team?

As the majority of the members of the organisation committee, I am Cameroonian and left my country of origin after finishing my baccalaureat to tackle university studies in Germany. I received my degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bochum and my PhD in Microelectronics from the University of Karlsruhe. Following my strong focus on academics and research activities, I worked with the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Solid-State Physics in Freiburg as a member of the scientist staff, I was in charge of developing microelectronic circuits for next generation fiber-optics based data transmission systems. Nevertheless aiming for a better coupling of my scientist background with the development of innovative, technical, and commercial products, I then moved to industry, namely Rohde Schwarz (Munich, Germany) where I am currently a senior member of the research and development group, working on the development of highspeed electronics for test measurement instruments, radio communication equipments, secure communication, and broadcasting systems.



Call for sponsors


MpongoDr. Eric Mpongo

Head of the FoSTIC 2012 sponsoring commitee

FoSTDiC 2012 is looking for both academic and industrial sponsors for the organization of this forum. Conference sponsors will have the opportunity to advertise their brand, tools, methodologies and success stories. The Head of the sponsoring committee. Dr. Eric Mpongo on the advantages of a sponsorship.

Dr. Eric Mpongo, you are leading the team responsible for the finance and the sponsoring of the 8th Symposium, which will be held on 18th/19th May in Dortmund, Germany. Could you please introduce yourself and present the other members of your team?

I grew up in Cameroon and obtained my GCE 1994 and then moved to Germany in 1996 to study Economics at the University of Bochum. I've now been working for more than 9 years first as Tax Advisor Assistant and currently I am working as Head of Controlling and Audit for a German Software company. The other members are Mr. Cesaire Beyel, Hyanick Atangana and Cesaire Silatchom



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