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Happy New Year


January 29th, 2012  

Newsletter-3 January 2012


Hello out there,

During Christmas and New Year holidays we usually spend time with our loved ones. We take some deserved time off for self-reflection, we commit to new resolutions in order to tackle the next year. Those resolutions may lead to change, change in behaviour or just a continuity of what was positive in the previous year. As far as the FoSTDIC is concerned, 2011 was a really great year. January 1st marks the start of a new year and we have no doubt that 2012 will be an outstanding year. I personally invite you to continue giving us your support by liking, favoring and sharing our interviews, newsletters and videos. You can add us on facebook, twitter and google plus. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our channels. Join us in writing more of the FoSTDIC story in 2012. I also use this opportunity to remind you that the call for participation is open.
The topic is relevant to many disciplines and you are more than welcome to contribute. We would be grateful if you can circulate the call to potential interested persons or institutions.

The FoSTDIC team and I wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year 2012.

Dr. Erick Gankam


FoSTDiC - Talk


The VKII-FoSTDIC is an international scientific symposium organized since 2001 by the Cameroon Association of Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany. As the next symposium deals with the topic of North-South Knowledge and Technologies Transfer, the potential and current role of the scientific diaspora in this process is particularly addressed. In FoSTDIC Talk the word is given to professionals and academics to talk about their expectations.

Knowledge Transfer is an important factor for the industrial and technological development, but more important is its implementation into concrete projects   Watch the video

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Nominees of VKII-Best Student Award


Compared to the previous years, there is a change in trend of the 6th VKII Best Student Award (VKII-BSA). This year, the three laureates are Cameroonian graduates distributed across Germany and Cameroon. The nominees for the VKII-BSA are Hervé Ngahane Ngatche from Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Flaubert Tchio Ngnounevou from National Advanced School of Engineering Yaoundé and Kome Melvin Njumbe from Technical University of Freiberg. Thanks to the continuous support and partnership with Fred-Eric Essam, this year’s award will be sponsored again by Ident.Africa e.V. and IBM.
The winners will be entitled to the following prizes:

  • First prize: ThinkPad Tablet nvi Tegra2
  • Second prize: Lenovo IdeaPad K1-32-GB
  • Third prize: Thinkpad Edge

Award handing ceremony features a part of the program of the upcoming annual Scientific and Technologic Forum of the Cameroonian diaspora (FoSTDIC) which will be held in Dortmund (Germany) from 18 - 19 of May. Watch out and register this date.
Due to the lack of female participants for this year’s award, the VKII Best Female Student Award (VKII-BFA), normally money prize of 200, - euros which is sponsored by the VKII Scientific Council will be cancelled.


Prof. Oumarou Bouba, Rector of the University Yaoundé

meets some actors of the Diaspora in Bonn


„I was really impressed by the endeavor and the intellectual approach of the diaspora in Germany“ said Prof. Oumarou Bouba after a day of work at the United Nations University where he and his team took part in an intensive work session initiated by the VKII e.V. Several projects were presented, among other things the Koegni-eHealth Initiative presented via video conference by Dr. Ghislain Kouematchoua. Fred-Eric Essam, senior manager at IBM - and founder and chairman of the organization Ident. africa e.V., seized the opportunity to present ongoing projects in Cameroon. Prof. Tsala Ndzomo, also member of the delegation and Vice Rector in charge of research, cooperation and relation with the business world finds the right words to encourage the ongoing project of the VKII consulting circle, amongst other the upcoming symposium FoSTDiC 2012.

The working session with these actors of the diaspora took place after the official visit of the delegation of the University Yaounde 1 at the United Nations University in Bonn to formalize a long-lasting and fruitful cooperation between both institutions. They agreed to further enhance the e-learning activities established in 2008 and followed at the univresity Yaoundé 1 by Prof. Mama Foupouagnigni, deputy coordinator of the Virtual University of the University of Yaounde 1.
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In the upcoming issue:


Interview with Zena Gabrielle Hailu Founder from Realize Communication

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